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My Heart
I am passionate about creativity. I love light, color, lines, detail and story telling. It is an honor to be able to be a part of my clients lives, sharing the most special times with them and putting life on display. People have a special place in my heart! It gives me great joy to capture the emotions and images that tell your story. Images that you can go back to and relive your wedding day or event.

My Story
Twentytwo years ago I got my hands on my first 35mm and took it with me to Australia, Japan and Mexico. I could not stop taking pictures. I fell in love with people, cultures, landscapes, looking through the lens gave me a different perspective and in the middle of it I realized I had a gift. I began studying photography, shooting portraits and events, taking pictures of friends and taking little adventures just to get away and shoot photos. I continue to work at honing my craft and pushing myself to grow and stay fresh with my work so that my heart stays alive in it.